Safeword: presented by Otherworldly Arts Collective

Sat, Feb 4 from 7pm - 11pm (Central)

  • 21+ Event
  • Titillating Libations from Twin Spirits Distillery
  • Masks are Encouraged
  • Performances by Queer Circus and more!
Admit 1 for Safeword: An Erotic Art Show Presented by Otherworldly Arts Collective
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General Admission - No Refunds
$39.16 with fees
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Presented by The Otherworldly Arts Collective

Safe·word: An Erotic Art Show




  1. A word serving as a prearranged and unambiguous signal to end an activity, such as between a dominant and submissive sexual couple.
  2. To introduce over 100 visual multimedia artists from across the country who have an indulgence to share their erotic voice in the city of Minneapolis. 
  3. Now showcasing Queer Circus and other erotic performers, poets, demonstrators, and educators on the discipline, practice, and curiosity about sex, eroticism, and sexual behaviors.


Street parking and nearby sites are available, but we recommend ridesharing.

This is a designated Safe Zone.  Touching of the performers or guests without a specific invitation will lead to your immediate dismissal from the premises.  No refunds will be given.

Of utmost importance, we wish to keep all artists and participants healthy during our event. First, if you recently have been exposed to covid-19, or are waiting for results of the covid test, STAY HOME! Crowds will be limited in size for the sake of social distancing. Please be aware of any signage around the gallery that will offer further instructions.

Masks are not required for this event but are strongly encouraged.

Thank you.

Squirrel Haus Arts

3450 Cheatham Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55406

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