Monday Night Moby-Dick Club
with Christopher Frizzelle

Mondays at 6pm PST, November 9 - March 8

This event has passed.
  • We recommend you buy this edition of Moby-Dick from our bookstore partner, Phinney Books, if you want to be on the same page as everyone else during discussions. 
  • You do not need to read any of the book before the first meeting. We will encounter its opening pages together.
  • Learn about the host of this book club here.


Moby-Dick by Herman Melville is a bucket-list kind of book—a novel that everyone should read before they die, but one that can be tough to venture into on your own. Even after you start, it takes energy and motivation to keep going. 

That’s why we’re doing it together. We will read the great American novel of the 19th century over four months, beginning the Monday after the election. We will gather weekly for insights, analysis, and discussion about the 50 or so pages we've just read. 

If you have never read it before, prepare for a surprisingly funny, queer, multiracial, heart-pounding adventure. If you have read it before, you will encounter things in it that you completely forgot. Despite its flaws (there is just one woman character and she appears for half a page), Moby-Dick is a triumphant work of art whose showers and sparks will light up your winter.

At each session, Christopher Frizzelle will give a lecture and a summary of the pages we've just read, followed by an open discussion. Your participation is entirely optional. And if you miss a session, no problem — recordings of each session are sent to all ticket-holders automatically.

Whenever it is “a damp, drizzly November” in Ishmael’s soul, as he says on the first page, it’s “high time to get to sea as soon as I can.” This winter, we are going with him.

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