Film Screening Urban Bike Shorts

Available to stream 10/24 at 9pm through 10/30 11:59pm (PST)

This event has passed.

A fun compilation of films, this program captures the spirit of the street and youth culture from around the world. An always popular line-up features innovative, energetic, passionate people who are dedicated to moving the bike movement forward in their cities.  These compelling stories are told from those who choose cycling as a lifestyle from a wide range of places including Singapore, Lagos, London, Dallas, New York, Bangalore, and Tampa.  Inspirational and high energy, these films offer us an authentic and raw glimpse into the lives of people like Leo Rodgers who lost a leg and then learned to ride or Nigel Sylvester and his friends who organized the New York Bike Ride for Black Lives. What does it mean to be a female bike messenger in New York City and how did a group of young Nigerians create a thriving BMX scene? Urban bike shorts are a BFF tradition and offer the spark of life and vitality that give momentum to our cause. 

Bicycle Film Festival Northwest Virtual - URBAN BIKE SHORTS from Bicycle Film Festival on Vimeo.

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