Shoes and Pants Productions Presents: Scott Shoemaker's War on Christmas!

Available to stream from December 5th - January 4th

This event has passed.

Shoes and Pants Productions Presents: "Scott Shoemaker's War on Christmas!" a hilarious holiday variety show. In its third year, this new Yule Tide tradition is back with a new virtual show!

Tune in to see Scott and a cast of Seattle luminaries as they try to figure out who's fighting a war on Christmas and what for?
Like always, this year's show is packed with ALL NEW hilarious comedy, songs, dance numbers, and partial nudity - along with some of previous year's favorites!

Joining Scott once again is a cast of illustrious superstars - Ade, Waxie Moon, Mandy Price and Fageddy Randy. Written by Freddy Molitch and Scott Shoemaker!

Tune in and treat yourself to some holiday cheer while you laugh your Christmas stockings off! But be warned! This show is definitely on the naughty list!

Online Streaming

Seattle, WA 98115