Quarantine Book Club: "Fierce Attachments" by Vivian Gornick

Saturdays at 10am (Pacific), April 10 - May 1

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  • Get a copy of Fierce Attachments 
  • You don't need to read any of the book before the first meeting — we will encounter its opening pages together
  • Learn about the host of this book club here


The New York Times recently ranked the 50 best memoirs of the last 50 years, and Fierce Attachments came in at number one.

Scathing, surprising, and full of life, the book tells the true story of a mother and daughter in New York City. It's about complicated family dynamics, the quest for purpose, and the mysteries of the human heart.

And it's extremely readable. The pages fly by. As the novelist Jonathan Lethem says, "The book is an object of furious motion, humming with its own energy."

We will read it together over four weeks, and gather on Saturdays to explore it in depth, with lectures by Christopher Frizzelle followed by open discussions.

If you miss any of the meetings, no problem: A recording of each session will be sent to all ticket holders automatically.

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