Quarantine Book Club: "Orlando" by Virginia Woolf

Seven Saturdays in a row, Nov 6 - Dec 18, 10am to Noon

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Virginia Woolf's most romantic book is also her funniest and most fantastical. 

A hundred years ahead of its time, it has a gender-fluid hero, climate catastrophe, piles of treasure, and a magical oak tree. 

Plus, it has an intriguing backstory, because it was written as a love letter to a woman in Woolf's life. It's the most over-the-top flirtation in literary history.

And it's absolutely brilliant on subjects like appearances, attraction, time, change, clothing, art, and the subterfuge of personhood. 

This book club is designed to work for people who've already read Orlando as well as people reading it for the first time. Weekly lectures about the author's life and the story of this book's creation will help you see more deeply into its curious brilliance. 

Each session will begin with a lecture by Christopher Frizzelle, followed by open discussion. Participation in discussions is entirely optional. Expect the other members of this club to include writers, musicians, painters, scientists, actors, baristas, tech workers, business leaders, nonprofit leaders, and more.

And if you miss any of the meetings, no problem: A recording of each session will be sent to all ticket-holders automatically.


We recommend you get this edition of Orlando from our bookstore partner Phinney Books, so that you have the same page numbers as everyone else during discussions.


Sponsorship funds are available to help make this experience possible if price is a barrier; apply here.


If you choose to pay $150, you are automatically making a $50 donation to the financial assistance fund. If you pay $200, you are making a $100 donation. Thank you for making this book club accessible to more people.


Illustration by Kathryn Rathke

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