~ Early Black Seattleites Inspiring Fiction

Streaming April 10th at 10:00am - 11:30am (PDT)

This event has passed.

You can order Rumors from Shanghai from Elliot Bay Books here

The novel "Rumors from Shanghai" takes place in 1940-41 as the protagonist, a Black man unable to find work as a lawyer in Seattle, finds success in Shanghai. There, through a series of circumstances, he learns of a plan by Japan to attack the U.S. forces at Pearl Harbor and he must decide whether to try to sound the alarm. The pioneering research into early Black Seattleites by founder Quintard Taylor influenced author Amy Sommers, who will talk about the real people who inspired her book, followed by a conversation with Professor Taylor. Ms. Sommers will also answer audience questions, which may be submitted during the event. Net ticket proceeds will be used to support's educational mission.

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