Program 1: Urban Bike Shorts
Bicycle Film Festival 2021 New York Virtual

Available to Stream December 17, 2021 - January 30, 2022

This event has passed.

Program 1: Urban Bike Shorts 

These films capture the spirit of street, youth, fixed gear, bmx, and messenger cultures from passionate cyclists in cities around the world.

The Urban Bike program is a popular tradition at the BFF.

Urban Bike Shorts features stories about:

  • Former pro BMX rider Andrew Jackson rediscovers his love for cycling in Los Angeles
  • An autonomously-organized group of youth cyclists in Worcester are misidentified and policed as if they were a gang
  • The story of DACA recipient and cyclist, Alvin Garcia
  • Paracyclist, Josie Fouts quits her job to pursue a cycling career
  • An homage to the track bike and the Vancouver community formed around it
  • The streets of São Paulo during the quarantine filmed by couriers
  • A love letter to the splendor of winter through the eyes of a female bicycle courier in the midst of a Canadian deep-freeze
  • Chicago-based bike messenger, Nico Deportago-Cabrera ventures to the Arizona desert to explore a landscape starkly different than his daily chaos
  • Riding bikes in New York City with the Central Park Raccoons
  • ... and more!
*BFF does not recommend the Urban Bike Shorts program for children. Please consider our other programs and watch all programs with discretion as no program in this festival is curated specifically for children.

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