Program 2: Cinematic shorts
Bicycle Film Festival Sacramento Region - virtual

Available to stream May 8 - 31, 2022

This event has passed.

Program 2: Cinematic Shorts

A story driven and diverse curation of cinematic filmmaking styles: narrative, documentaries, musical, animation, and more.

Oscar nominated and award-winning shorts share equal billing with emerging new talent.

Cinematic Shorts features stories about:

  • A man finds his stolen bicycle and it now belongs to a stranger (2021 Oscar Nomination)
  • A day in the life of a veteran turned weed delivery bike messenger during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City
  • Blaine Hunt’s underdog pursuit of the Paralympic Games
  • A dreamy glimpse into three professional female mountain bikers reflecting on their willingness to sustain broken bones, concussions, and organ damages
  • Blood Orange’s (Dev Hynes) first-person tour of New York City at night
  • A profile of Otis Hughes, the 73 year-old captain of the first black cycling teams, Brooklyn Red Caps, in Prospect Park
  • Nolan Ryan Trowe hasn’t been able to skateboard anymore since having a spinal cord injury 
  • A poetic journey through the Eastern Sierras of California on bicycles with artist, cyclist, and BFF friend, Geoff McFetridge
  • The affrimation of Derius Matchewan Papatie’s courage in Rapid Lake, a First Nation reserve in Quebec
  • ... and more!