Molly Parden @ WickEd Wine Social Club

Fri, Aug 12 at 7pm

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Everett Music Initiative is proud to partner with WickEd Wine Social Club and welcome Molly Parden back to Everett! We're excited to host the concert in the outdoor plaza at WickEd Wine Social Club, and can assure you are all in for a treat. Max Helgemo will be kicking the night off. Doors at 7!

Molly Parden’s career in music is something of a mysterysomething that happened to her more than it was ever anything she set out to achieve.In spite of a natural middle-child diffidence and reluctance towards the spotlight, it didn’t take long for Mollyto establish herself as a promethean musical force in Nashville’s vibrant underground and beyond. Since relocating from Atlanta to Music City, Molly has toured the world as a bassist, guitarist, and singerjoining the backing bands of Atlanta's indie songstress, Faye Webster; west coast troubadour Sam Outlaw; and Austin Texas’s boozily existential poet, David Ramirez. The few songs Molly did release garnered millions of plays on streaming platforms and a small body of devoted listeners throughout the world.Finally, Molly gives us “Rosemary”a handful of fragile indie tunes that are as haunting as they are comforting, beautifully raw and yet just out of reach.From the effortless, transcendent melancholy of “Feel Alive Again,” to the flirty pop nostalgia of “Who are We Kiddin’,” each of Molly’s songs enchants the listener with a disarming union of aloofness and intimacytimeless tunes in a postmodern soundscape. 

MAX BIO: Max Helgemo's new album "Looking for an Island" arrives this Fall. Singles "Back at You" and "Taken for a Spin" are available everywhere with more to follow in the coming months.

WickEd Wine Social Club

2707 Colby Ave
Everett, WA 98201

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