PROGRAM 2: Adventure shorts

830pm - Saturday, November 5

This event has passed.

ADVENTURE | 93min.

This program will take you on a journey around the world through the lens of gravel, mountain biking, bikepacking, and ultra-endurance cycling.

Q&A with special guest Eric Cedeño (Bicycle Nomad).

LEY DE VIDA Dir. Tomasz Wierzbiański ⎮ Bolivia, Poland 4min. A look at the mountain biking scene developing in La Paz, Bolivia. 

TRUTH AND DIGNITY Dir. Will Truettner, Nick Nelson ⎮ USA 8min. Erick Cedeno (Bicycle Nomad) journeyed 1900 miles on bicycle to retrace the original route of the Buffalo Soldiers.

ALL BODIES ON BIKES Dir. Zeppelin Zeerip ⎮ USA 13min. Kailey Kornhauser and fellow “fat cyclist” Marley Blonsky are on a mission to change the idea that people with larger bodies can't ride bikes.

CANDY RUN Dir. Harry Zernike ⎮ USA 7min. Left alone at home, seven year old Sam risks cycling into town by himself in search of his dream candy.

PEDALING THROUGH INJURY: SAM TAXWOOD Dir. Jeremy Thornburg, Shaun Daley ⎮ USA 4min. Pro snowboarder, Sam Taxwood turns the bicycle into a mechanism to recover physically from injuries and overcome mental health hurdles.

ALBION - DOLGOCH Dir. Andrew Telling ⎮ UK 6min. Three cyclists visit the last wilderness of Wales.

THE NINE WHEELS Dir. Santiago Burin des Roziers ⎮ Spain, UK 22min. A family gives up everything to be together in their motorhome, traveling from bike park to bike park across Europe.

THE TRAILS BEFORE US Dir. Fritz Bitsoie ⎮ Navajo Nation, USA 13min. Seventeen year old Nigel James, a Diné mountain biker, hosts the first Enduro race in the Navajo Nation. 

MBOGI AMANI - IT’S TIME TO CHANGE THE FACE OF CYCLING Dir. Lian van Leeuwen ⎮ Kenya, Netherlands 17min. In the world of bike racing, there’s one continent that’s yet to have its turn in the spotlight: Africa. The inaugural AMANI Migration Gravel Race, held in Kenya in June 2021, has become a game changer for the top cyclists in East Africa. Dedicated to the loving memory of Suleiman 'Sule' Kangangi.

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