Double Feature

December 20, 2023 - February 29, 2024

This event has passed.

FLANDRIEN (dir. Paul Willerton)

Set in the Flanders region of Belgium, director Paul Willerton explores the past, present, and future of cycling and the local culture. The Tour of Flanders itself plays a starring role, as well as some riders who have been awarded the esteemed title of being a true “Flandrien.” (50min.)

CRIT DREAMS (dir. Angus Morten)

Following The American Cycling professional team as it tackles the 2023 American Criterium Cup season, this film examines the motivations, challenges, triumphs and tragedies of Danny Summerhill, Thomas Craven, and the team in what, ultimately, is a love story about racing, team, competition and redemption. (48min.)
Preceeded by short film:
MADE IN MILANO (dir. Michiel Rotgans) (6min.) This is the story behind the legendary Italian titanium frame builder, Passoni. Founded in the late 80's in the pre-carbon era by Luciano and Luca Passoni, it was the first company in Europe that produced titanium bikes when off-the-shelf tubing wasn't yet available. A passion for the sport and its culture has always been at the very heart of Passoni’s identity as they have spent the last 30 years building stunning machines for those with a true appreciation of fine craftsmanship.

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