Self-Suspension Open Space

Sat, Jul 20, 2019 at 1:30pm

This event has passed.

Come "hang out" with us! This is an Open Space style event focused on sharing knowledge, spotting for each other, and socializing. If you have basic rope skills and an interest in self-suspension, we'd love to see you :-).

* 1:30 - 2pm: Doors open for arrival (please try to arrive during this window)
* 2 - 2:15pm: Introductions, orientation to Open Space model, sessions scheduled (and feel free to start tying yourself up!)
* 2:15 - 5pm: Peer led sessions
* 5 - 6pm: Free play/"lab time"

Venue details:
* Allergy warning – this space has cats!
* Feel free to bring food – snacks to share are especially appreciated!
* Bringing a water bottle is recommended :-)
* Parking is plentiful, safe, and free. 
* The temperature can vary (there is neither heat nor air conditioning in this building). We recommend dressing in layers.
* With a nod to Ropecraft, we have a “responsible adult photography policy” for this event.

* At least 25 suspension points will be set up.
* Please bring a yoga mat (if you have/want one) and your rope kit! 
* All carabiners/hardware should be appropriately rated, and rope for main support lines should provide a breaking strength of at least 10x the suspended person’s weight in it's final configuration. Most natural fiber rope (aside from perhaps 8mm hemp) does not meet this requirement. We highly recommend 6mm POSH for support lines.

*Note that this is NOT a structured self-suspension 101 class – if you've never self-suspended but are interested in learning more, you are welcome to come, socialize, and practice along with floor work, but please don't expect that you'll be formally taught all the skills to put yourself in the air.*

Space is limited to 30 people to ensure that everyone gets lots of "air time." If you'd like to bring a non-suspending spotter, that's totally fine and you don't need to buy two tickets. We can provide reduced cost/free entry if needed, just write us to inquire. :-) 

Please read our Code of Conduct and consent policy!


Little Boxes Theatre

1661 Tennessee St
San Francisco, CA 94017

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