Program 1: URBAN BIKE + CINEMATIC shorts

Available to stream through April 30, 2023

This event has passed.


Oscar nominated and award-winning shorts share equal billing with emerging new talent. Curated with a diverse array of films that capture the spirit of street, youth, and messenger cultures from passionate cyclists in cities around the world. 

Featuring stories about: 

  • How the first American to win a gold medal in road cycling at the 1984 Olympics changed spandex forever.
  • A bicycle takeover and one of the United State's largest, most anticipated street riding events on the bikelife calendar attracting riders from the wheeling community worldwide.
  • The story of Reza Alizadeh, a blind bicycle mechanic in Mashhad, Iran.
  • A tribute to the career of Kevin Bolger aka Squid, a beloved bike messenger in New York since 1992.
  • A man finds his stolen bicycle and it now belongs to a stranger (2021 Oscar Nomination & BFF GREATEST HIT).
  • An inclusive alley cat for women and all underrepresented genders that is colder, harder, and more awesome.
  • Two women find a space of their own in a male dominated bike life subculture in New York.
  • A group of actors tour an original play by bicycle.
  • The empty streets of London every night for four weeks during lockdown.
  • A cyclist from New York City sees his hometown with new eyes.
  • The inner streets of central Stockholm through a bicycle courier.
  • A love letter to BMX by Craig Stevens, following his life in bikes around the world beginning in South Africa and culminating in New Zealand.
  • and more!

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