Collide-O-Scope - Live!

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The Stranger Presents Collide-O-Scope: Sex You Up

Mon, Sep 28 at 8pm (Pacific)

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The perfect elixir of hilarity and weirdness to temporarily stave off the effects of a terrifying world, Collide-O-Scope brings you their newest curated cornucopia of found footage frivolity and manic montage with an Xtra sexy twist! What better way to unplug for while than this ridiculously entertaining video voyage into the realms of the outrageously absurd? This may be the most nudity-packed show of our 10-year history! It'll be sexy! It'll be shocking! And it'll be funny enough to make you hurt so good in all the right places! WARNING! If you hate occasionally graphic depictions of sex, DON'T watch this show!

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