(Cancelled) Bedroom Bingo
Hosted by Betty Wetter & Cookie Couture

August 18 | Cocktail hour at 7:30pm | Bingo at 8pm

  • All ages
Join us next week!

Welcome to Bedroom Bingo, an all-new good time game night hosted by powerhouse Seattle drag entertainers Betty Wetter & Cookie Couture!

No bingo card? No problem! Betty & Cookie call out random household items and articles of clothing that you search for from the comfort of your own home. First person to find five items wins that sweet, sweet BINGO! Think of it as a virtual scavenger hunt (and an excuse to clean or re-arrange your living space) with live commentary by your queens! Down for an extended kiki? Log on to the Zoom room at 7:30pm Pacific for cocktail time with the gals & attendees in advance of the games!