Gay Misérables

On-Demand Streaming 8/7/20 - 9/8/20

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A very special encore presentation of the most talked-about theater experience of the summer. 

The cast—Sara Porkalob! Nicholas Bernard! Justin Huertas! Rachel Guyer-Mafune! Danny Kam!—is a mind-blowing group of musical-theater stars, and they have a ridiculous amont of fun with the premise: sing some of your favorite songs, and tell us about your life under quarantine. 

From the opening number that’s a Les Misérables song with lyrics rewritten to be about defunding the police, to a brilliant Sondheim cover, to a demonstration of AMSR before one performer sings a favorite pop song, this is a show like you’ve never seen before. 

The more you choose to pay for your ticket, the more each performer makes. So give big! Support theater artists, because the theater industry is being devastated during this pandemic. 

This is an encore presentation of Gay Misérables, a streaming theater event first presented by The Stranger over Pride weekend. The musical director is Steven K. Tran and the director is Christopher Frizzelle.

By buying a ticket to this show, you are directly supporting Seattle artists. You're also getting a hilarious hour of songs, silliness, shape-shifting, sexy banter, and revolutionary inspiration. 

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