Fukdtup Variety Show: Digitally Fukdt!

Available for streaming August 28th!

This event has passed.

There is a LOT that's FUKDTUP right now (!!) from rampant racism to militant baby-presidents to global uh-oh… but we can't forget the things that Fuk us up in all the right ways: bold voices that stand up against injustice, wild artists that keep the world fun and twisted, and a community of weirdos who stick together even from 6 feet apart. 
SO Fukdtup Variety show is providing some brassy online entertainment to keep your rebel-motor running! Join us for a virtual explosion of sick, salacious, spooky, sappy, sublime, and sinister performances! Coming August 28th to a computer screen near you.

Hosted by Miss Texas 1988 & Strawberry Shartcake! With performances from: 
The Luminous Pariah 
Adra Boo 
Issa Man 
Londyn Bradshaw 
Maud - The Dainty Funk 
Nocturnal Lee Mission 
And cameos from all your favorite Fukdtup Variety Show family!