Quarantine Book Club: "Beloved"

Saturdays at 10am PST, September 19th - October 24th

  • All tickets include access to six virtual meetings
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In 2006, the New York Times asked the country's most admired novelists and intellectuals to vote on "the single best work of American fiction published in the last 25 years." The winner was Toni Morrison's Beloved.

Inspired by a true story Morrison saw in an archival news clipping, Beloved tells the story of a mother who murders her baby to prevent her from being enslaved. The novel is hypnotizing, hair-raising, and full of ghosts.

We will read it over six weeks. Each meeting begins with a lecture by Christopher Frizzelle, followed by an open discussion. You do not need to ready anything before the first session, but you should have a copy of the book if possible.

There are multiple ways to share your thoughts throughout the six weeks, or you can just sit back and watch. If you miss a session, no problem - they are all recorded and will be sent to ticket-holders automatically.

Do you believe in ghosts? Has something in your life ever died or gone away, and then unexpectedly come back? Those are the discussion questions for the first meeting.

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