HUMP! Featured Filmmaker: ForPlay Films

Available to Stream July 29th - August 4th

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HUMP! Featured Filmmaker: ForPlay Films
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You will receive streaming information July 29th at 6pm (Pacific). You have until 11:59pm August 4th (Pacific) to complete your viewings.

ForPlay Films, founded in 2017 by Inka Winter, is an independent, all-female production company committed to creating Holistic Pornography—a fusion of ethics, art, inclusivity, and arousal in the realm of adult entertainment. Their explicitly crafted work, designed by and for women, caters to the female and queer femme gaze, aiming to elevate pleasure on physical, mental, and emotional levels. From award-winning erotic films to mindfulness meditations and our educational Sexucation series, ForPlay's offerings are diverse and empowering. Initially inspired by a personal quest, Winter's vision led to the filming of real-life couples exploring women's fantasies, evolving into a broader focus on chemistry, consent, and women's sexual autonomy with professional performers. ForPlay Films showcases cinematic excellence that has been recognized at prestigious festivals worldwide, including the Berlin Porn Film Festival and the Royal Academy of Arts London. For those seeking a more personalized experience, ForPlay Films offers private boudoir video shoots, ensuring comfort and confidence in bringing fantasies to life.



Fuck First - Fine tattooed strangers find an extremely hot way to pass the time between a few spin cycles.

Into The Wild - A primal-poetic hunt through the woods, unleashing the animal and the mythical - A chase where the deer-like prey definitely doesn’t want to be caught... or does she?

Luscious - Set in a voluptuously 1800th century backdrop, Karla Lane and Marina Maree explore each other's luscious bodies.

Murder Mystery - A tongue-in-cheek (and other places!) homage to Noir and everyone’s favorite Murder Mysteries. Think Knives Out or Clue… with lots of hot sex, “killer” retro style, and the world’s most self-aware wise-cracking’ narrator-guy. Simply the bee’s fucking knees.

Ménage À Trois - In her dream Kira is joined by Demi and Rob for a sensual and passionate Menage A Trois.

Play With Me - A loving couple with experience in kink open up their world to us, in this moving foray into intermediate BDSM-in-practice

Sexucation: Just Jizz - An infomercial for an alternative cure-all. You’ll want to order a case of Just Jizz after you watch!

The Alley - Fine tattooed strangers find an extremely hot way to pass the time between a few spin cycles.

The Punishment - In this stylish BDSM film, a couple returns home after a night on the town to explore the art of dominance and submission. This female lead takes control of her kink by initiating her punishment (by being a brat and misbehaving).

Tie Me Up - Bondage doesn’t have to be a struggle as this intimate scene illustrates.

Undressed - Get the squeegee, because things are about to get wet in this steamy shower threesome.

Versification - Two lovers spice up their sex life with artfully crafted instructions.

Tell Me What You Like - A hypnotic dream-space where one woman fantasizes about her ideal lover...and then brings him to life.

Midnight Tryst - Queen of mischief Siri Dahl sneakily engineers a chance meeting between two new masculine paramours - Davin Strong and Dillon Diaz - for a naughty MMF threesome surprise.

A Fairy Tale - A dreamy update to the classic fairytale, with an extra dose of affirmative and enthusiastic consent. And a bit of political commentary.

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