Dan Savage Presents 2023 HUMP! Film Festival

Available to Stream May 27th - June 2nd

  • 18+
This event has passed.


You will receive streaming information May 27th at 6pm (Pacific). You have until midnight June 2nd (Pacific) to complete your viewing.


Originally available in theaters and online in 2023, the 18th Season of HUMP! included fan favoriites like Screen Play, Crimson Cruising, and The Boy with The Tighty Whities. Whether you missed it then or just need to feed your HUMP! obsession, you can now catch the 2023 lineup whenever and wherever you wantl


THIS PROGRAM IS ON-DEMAND. Watch, re-watch, and watch again! View as many times as you'd like during the streaming window. You can also pause for a break, rewind if you missed something, or fast forward to get on with the action.